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Doug Scoville

In 1989 a retail inspired gentleman set out to set up a fly fishing shop to serve the Greater Lansing area. The intent and focus of the shop was to serve customers with high quality goods and a knowledgeable staff. That shop was M. Chance Fly Fishing Specialties. The shop succeeded in its goals for over 15 years until a changing of a guard. In 2005, the shop was purchased by Brian Bielecki, a former staffer of many years. The focus of the shop remained to provide a high level of service with exceptional goods. In the fall of 2007 it became apparent that in a new world of box stores and digital information, the shop would have to put a better emphasis on not only living up to its reputation, but finding a way to better stand out in a world of mediocrity. When attempting to find an identity that fit not only the Shop, but the customers that it represents, one thing became apparent. We as fly anglers and outdoorsmen and women are constantly searching for new ways. From the traditional trout purist, passionate fly tiers, to the new age steelhead aficionados, Nomad Anglers describes us all. As defined by the word Nomads, we seek out fishing opportunities both near and far. Chasing trout in the spring and early summer, with salmon and steelhead filling in the cooler months, warm water locally and traveling abroad in search of trophy adventures. Nomad Anglers is here to help guide you through the journey.