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Live Spring Fashions


April 24, 2015 the Village of Rochester Hills will literally come to life. It is the season that Michiganders are anxiously waiting to get outside. Longing for the days of fresh air and warmth. The evenings of longer daylight and mild temperatures are within a fingers-tip reach away…and the Village wants to celebrate.

Join the many stores and models to bring spring fashions alive. Carefully chosen, local talent will be modeling the latest in fashion trends….in-stores, outside stores and even where you least expect to see a model. Two lucky entries will be chosen to get a full photo shoot and headshot provided by ThreeSonsPhotography and Real Style will be onsite scouting for new talent!Micah

This event is free for the entire metro-Detroit area. It’s a celebration of fashion, fresh air and friendships. Plan to spend your evening strolling Village Main with friends and family. Look for the models throughout. Grab a bite to eat and even get some fun tastes inside the stores. Enjoy the beautiful ambiance and fresh pansies. Sit on a bench and just breath. Listen to some live music or even have a cartoon drawn of you and a friend.

The event will start at 6:00pm and commence at 8pm, but you are welcome to come early or stay late!

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Do you think you are model worthy? You may just get the opportunity to prove it to the metro-Detroit area on April 24, 2015 from 5-9pm during our Live Spring Fashions. Models will be stationed all around the Village of Rochester Hills - you won't know when you will see them or find them...and if you think you have what it takes to BE ONE OF THEM, you can apply to be chosen. Modeling agencies from the area will be onsite looking for their latest talent, it could be YOU! Entering is simple!

Go to the Village Facebook Page between April 1st and April 10th. Post your favorite photo along with your first name, age and favorite Village Store. Models will be chosen on April 11 - 14th and posted (no later than April 15th) on the Village Facebook page.  

model worthy_reduced copy

This event is sponsored by ThreeSonsPhotography


If you have questions about this event, please feel free to email or send a message on Facebook.


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Let's have some fun! We are hoping to get a bunch of SELFIES to celebrate loving yourself. It's really simple. Take a selfie, just you, you and a friend, you and some family members or get crazy and randomly choose a stranger...we don't care what you do. But we want to see as many selfies taken at the Village of Rochester Hills as we can. Here's what you do: 1) TAKE A SELFIE at the Village of Rochester Hills. 2) UPLOAD it to either Facebook or Instagram @thevorh. 3) Add #loveyourselfie #thevorh #lovethevorh 4) All photos must be uploaded by February 28, 2015

5) The winner plus one gets Noodles for a year!

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The Village of Rochester Hills and the City of Rochester Hills would like to pause...and take the rest of January to reminisce about the memorable year our community had in 2014. Our City was named in the Top 10 cities to live in 2014! We shared some amazing events and supported many charitable organizations in 2014. As we plan and get prepared for 2015 – we wanted to have some “plain-ole” fun.

img951293 copy


Share a photo from 2014. It needs to be from a City of Rochester Hills or Village of Rochester Hills event. Or it can simply just be a photo taken in one of the locations. Let’s flood our Facebook pages with the photos from this past year – and the first 450 to do so, will get a limited edition knit hat! Post on the Village Facebook or City of Rochester Hills Facebook page, or you can upload to thevorh's Instagram page if you prefer. Remember to use the #thevorh #RHtop10 #innovativebynature. 

front of hat fixed

back of hat



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denimIn the past, a haberdashery was where gentlemen went to have all of their wardrobe needs attended to by expert clothiers who understood the importance great style and tailoring. It's a fact that the well-dressed man has advantages in life, but the effort required to achieve such status can be complicated in this day and age. There are lots of places to buy menswear, but most of them only have specific and limited offerings: high-end (and often intimidating) designer boutiques, "stuffy", old-school suit retailers, casual men's stores (whose idea of comfort means that everything they sell is oversized), and "fast fashion" where trend often triumphs over taste.

It's no wonder that most American men find the effort to attire themselves to be a frustrating process, instead of an easy and enjoyable experience. The Village of Rochester Hills is pleased to announce the addition of J. Barbaro Clothiers to the "neighborhood" and the timing couldn't be better.casual_shirts

Menswear is changing. Luckily, these changes are incremental and great style for men has always been about nuances in design and subtlety in detail. Hipsters in every major city around the world have embraced "the classics" in exciting new ways. Plaids and argyle, Oxfords and bow ties are part of the new uniform. Perhaps the cut is a bit trimmer, or the color more vibrant, but men are stepping up their style. And, there's a confidence that comes with it, no matter how forward-thinking or conservative your fashion comfort zone.

Furthermore, workplace dress codes are changing too, but as some of them become "relaxed", the rules and message can be confusing. Remember, the sharp dressed guy is more likely to get the promotion, so Casual Friday isn't a day to slack-off. Comfort can still look cool.

tiesTraditional business attire isn't going away anytime soon, though. There are certain expectations for Business Formal environments and occasions. Business Traditional is another category and Business Creative is an emerging one.

None of this has to be confusing, though. The team at J. Barbaro Clothiers consists of experts who are educators. They'll help you make the right purchases that can be multi-purposed and easily transition from business to casual and day to night. They combine all of the benefits of having a wardrobe stylist and a personal shopper and a master tailor in one, relaxing and creative environment. Their goal is to build a relationship with you, as you build your wardrobe. Their wide selection of labels like Canali, Eton, Joe's Jeans, Robert Talbot, Jack Victor, True Religion and Robert Graham will insure a signature look that will get you noticed and inspire others.

You may not be hitting The Red Carpet soon, but George Clooney will. He's always on everybody's best-dressed list and it's no coincidence that he started out out as a suit salesman in his younger days. Matt Lauer still buys his suits from the same men's store that he worked at during the summer in his high school and college years. That's a great testament to "knowing your customer". Even if you're not on-camera, you might be inspired to know that a former haberdasher, a guy who owned a little men's clothing store in Kansas City, Missouri never took for granted the the power of a good suit. He eventually closed his store, but went on to pursue other opportunities. His name was Harry S. Truman, the thirty-third President of a the United States.

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lane bryant-2 copyOne of the hottest trends in the fashion world is the reinvention of iconic design houses. The fading luster of certain luxury retailers has been brilliantly reignited by a handful of talented, young visionaries. Over the years, Gucci, Burberry and Lanvin are just a few examples of high- end brands that suddenly went from matronly to modern.

Another trend in forward-thinking fashion is accessibility. That's why designers are so eager to launch limited editions in affordable stores, in addition to their runway collections.

You might be surprised to know that Lane Bryant is the latest name to embrace these concepts. They've transitioned from "established" to "exciting" and their newest location at The Village of Rochester Hills is a showcase for this new fashion philosophy.assymetrical lb

Renowned designer Isabel Toledo is on board, too, and her exclusive collection merges the hottest trends into figure-enhancing looks for women of all shapes and sizes. Her education as a fine arts major in painting and ceramics gives her an elevated approach to translating color, pattern and form. Short isn't prohibitive--especially when asymmetry is added to a hemline. Her bold geometry isn't complicated, nor is it compromising. Cropped tops are all the rage and her take on this trend is a versatile and bold bolero that works for anyone...of any any season.

Your style sensibility doesn't have to be "sensible" at Lane Bryant. Bold floral can be figure- friendly and fun, too. Ruching, or draping fabric and sewing it into artistic folds can add comfort and look cool. Ask any red carpet-watcher and they'll confirm that plunging necklines and overexposure have been replaced by sheer panels and detail as the new standard in sexy. And in the era of "statement accessories", Lane Bryant is also the perfect place to meter the dose and adjust the scale of your shoes, bags and jewelry. This is something that everyone needs to get right, regardless of dress size.

may-14-floral-topFull figures made Mae West and Marilyn Monroe screen goddesses. Oprah Winfrey, one of today's most admired women also routinely shows up on best-dressed lists. Adele reigns supreme among the current crop of pop music divas and was recently named one of the world's "most beautiful" by People Magazine. These women have made being plus-size...a plus. Take a cue from them and a trip to the new Lane Bryant at The Village of Rochester Hills to discover your Learning Curves.

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img_7283Go to the Village Facebook or 
the Village Instagram feed to 
submit your retro denim photos with a 
unique caption and the 
hash-tag #throwbackfashions. 
Post your pictures, now! 
We'll choose our vintage 
fashion favorites and the winners (4) will receive a $150.00 gift card....and who 
knows, you could end up on a 

The latest trends are often reinterpretations of fashions past. Fitness and fashion have always been a "good fit". Lean bodies look great in today's trim andtailored cuts. But up until recently, workout wear was relegated to the gym and team uniforms were only found on the track and field. Today, the technology that benefits athletes makes fabric in fashion more comfortable and durable. The same holds true for footwear--you can have a bit more bounce, as you strut in style. Spring 2014 takes it all a step further. Designers have embellished their collections with piping and striping that's fresh and fun, but it also serves as an visually slimming design element, too. That's a great reason to muster up some "team spirit", whether you're a member of the team, or not. Join the fashion pep rally, right now, happening at the Village of Rochester Hills. img_7130

Feel free to 
submit your retro "athletic" photos with a 
unique caption and the 
hash-tag #throwback fashions. 
So, post your pictures, now! 
We'll choose our vintage 
fashion favorites and the winners (4) will receive a 
 $150.00 gift card....and who 
knows, you could end up on a